Welcome to Hjorthede Nursery Ltd.
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Hjorthede Nursery supplies plants for professionals in the green sector:


* Landscape gardners, contractors & property managers


* Foresters, forestry operations mangers, forest owners, farmers & xmas tree growers.


* Local Councils, cemeteries and the danish state.


We offer our professional clients 24 hour access to our stock list and prices, and the online facility of ordering plants. Contact us to request a login, Tel. 8668 6488 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Our stock range covers a broad specter of purposes, including:


Forest plants: oak, beech, maple, alder, birch, cherry, linden, norway spruce, sitka spruce, scots pine, ect.


Hedge plants: beech, hornbeam, western red ceader, privet, ect.


Shelter Belt plants: downy honeysuckle, blackthorn, purple plumb, bird sherry, field maple, hawthorn, ect.


Christmas trees: nordmann fir, norway spruce, blue spruce, serbian spruce, ect.


Shrubs: sergeants apple, juniper choke berry red currant, cinquefoil, ect.

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